Quality Policy Statement

As an Upstream Exploration & Production Consultancy & Service Provider, Onyx iES is committed to delivering excellence to our Clients, Partners & Staff in every aspect of what we do. This is driven by:


  • Strong Internal Leadership to set our own standards & build an equally strong Organisation
  • Gaining across the board ownership of this Policy Statement from all our Staff
  • Listening to our Client’s needs & feedback and focus on the delivery of cost-effective solutions
  • Our professional integrity in all matters & with that the understanding of people and our commitment to their Health, Safety and the Environment          
  • Seeking out efficiencies in our business through a continuous improvement cycle
  • Conduct all work to a high professional standard with technical and commercial integrity to supply our customers with the products and services they require.
  • Maintain a Quality Management System that satisfies the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.


Our organisational methodology has been established to promote us to firstly seek to understand our client’s issues, use our people to deliver the required pragmatic solutions, utilize appropriate technology & embed the knowledge and learning for continuous improvement.



Onyx iES has established quality objectives at relevant functions, levels and processes needed for the quality management system:


  • Onyx will deliver all services without any incidents or accidents, this will be measured monthly and reviewed annually
  • Onyx will ensure that our customers are happy with our services and we will gain client feedback formally at the end of each project or contract and aim to achieve scores equal to or better than “Good”, with a target of zero Customer Complains overall
  • Onyx will ensure that our Staff are trained and deemed competent to deliver their scope of work at all times and this will be formally assessed at their annual Performance Development Review (PDR)
  • These must be kept live and reviewed continuously so as to achieve zero major non-conformances in external audit
Products & Services:
  • Onyx to ensure that these are maintained to the highest standard and as part of that our Supplier Evaluation Scores are maintained above 70%