Wells Partners


ADC Energy is the leading provider of comprehensive rig inspection services which includes; Rig Acceptance Testing, BOP & Well Control Surveys, Integrated Control Systems Inspection Services, Asset Integrity Assurance, Complete Dropped Objects Surveys, Thermal Imaging; Dynamic Positioning; Risk Management, surveys.

ADC enjoys a global reputation which is second to none.


Exceed is a leading provider of Performance Improvement & Drilling Project Management services.

Exceed’s objective in working with their Clients is to deliver a return on investment that exceeds the initial investment, to embed sustained internal capability and work with and evolve existing systems and processes. Their mission is always to positively impact HSE, Efficiency & Consistency.

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Fearnley Procter Group provides industry leading specialised services based around its Non-Productive Time Solution System.

Services range from QA/QC Services, Equipment Design Reviews, Failure Investigations and publishing its own NS-1™ and NS-2™ Standards, that are designed to supplement the API standards when conditions warrant it.

Complex Wells. Delivered.

Merlin are world-class drilling engineering advisors, collaborators, and educators – specialising in delivery assurance for extended reach and complex wells. Established in 2007, Merlin have helped clients successfully deliver over 400 projects in 47 countries.

Geomechanics Consultancy

P(TEN) is a specialist geomechanics consultancy based in the UK and provides bespoke, operationally-focussed geomechanics advice and services to a range of clients worldwide.

P(TEN) covers the entire asset lifecycle from prospect evaluation to abandonment or field redevelopment for other purposes (such as reservoir gas storage).


We are working with Stress Engineering to bring its industry leading Upstream Engineering services to Malaysia.

Stress is an independent, Consulting Engineering firm that provides professional engineering services to a variety of industries worldwide which includes Materials, Riser & Subsea Engineering plus Design and Full-Scale Testing Services.

Stress Engineering

TEMS International is an independent oil and gas service company specialising in managing and optimising the performance and compliance of drilling systems.

The firm works in oil and gas provinces around the world, using its extensive experience to provide services that reduce waste and increase operational efficiencies.