Flowline System Supply

Flowline Solutions is a new company formed by a select group of experienced engineers and technical support staff who possess extensive design and managerial experience in delivery of an extensive range of floating production and flowline systems. The particular expertise is in the integration of the Manuli hoses into such systems.

This experience has been gained across the industry on all forms of facility from shallow water to provision of Vessel conversions and bespoke Mooring Systems.  Such a combination of experience, competence and product represent a formidable entry into this sector.  Our main area of activity has been in the supply of systems particularly for short term requirements such as repair, rerouting, by-pass or to provide temporary offload or mooring and offload facilities and as result we are used to reacting very rapidly to customer demands and schedules.

Thier goal is to provide completed projects on time, on budget and to agreed specification by the provision of truly integrated engineering and project management services.

Flowline Solutions