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Stress Engineering Services, Inc. is a leading independent materials engineering and testing firm. Our unique blend of sophisticated materials capabilities, combined with the extensive knowledge and skills of our engineers and technicians, provides the highly reliable data and analyses our clients’ desire. We offer a broad range of services including failure analysis, corrosion engineering, materials testing, mechanical testing, welding engineering, metallurgy, materials selection and analysis.

Our materials testing laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for a wide range of material-testing methods including static tensile, compression, fatigue, chemistry, impact, environmental-related loading, creep, and relaxation. In addition, we offer a wide range of custom testing procedures designed to accurately define failure modes and assist in dependable material selection.

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Stress Engineering Services
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Onyx IES is working on behalf of Stress Engineering Services to bring its industry leading Upstream Engineering, Materials & Testing services to Malaysia.

Founded in 1972, Stress Engineering Services is an independent consulting engineering firm that provides professional engineering services to a variety of industries worldwide.  As part of our range of services in we offer:

Floating Systems

A floating production system is a complex assembly of platforms, wells, risers, moorings, subsea pipelines, flowlines, controls, and instrumentation. In all phases, from feasibility through execution, it must be designed and treated as a system. Stress Engineering operates from this system perspective, whether designing the individual parts or integrating them into a whole. We are also uniquely qualified to perform the coupled analyses that are essential to making properly informed system decisions.

Offshore Drilling

The mechanics of offshore drilling pose increasing challenges as the industry continues past the 10,000-ft water depth milestone. Whether you need expert advice on dynamic positioning, analysis of a drilling riser disconnect scenario, or conversion of an existing MODU for operation in deeper water, we are ready to tackle your problem.

Component Design and Analysis

Industry leaders know that focusing on the basics is the key to success in deep water. They also know that failing to address important details can lead to catastrophe, while preoccupation with lesser details causes costly budget and schedule overruns. That is why Stress Engineering Services is the industry's choice for design, analysis, and testing of offshore systems and components.

Full-Scale Testing
Materials Engineering
Contact: Gordon Williams

Riser System Engineering

Our riser expertise is centered on the design and analysis of production, drilling, combo (combined production and drilling), export, water-injection, and completion riser systems. We have extensive design experience with a variety of riser configurations, including top-tensioned risers (TTRs), flexibles, hybrid risers, steel catenary risers (SCRs), steel lazy-wave risers, as well as a variety of other less mature concepts.

Integrity Management

Robust design, proper monitoring, and accurate documentation are the three main principles of system lifetime integrity. Stress Engineering is well known for its deepwater design capabilities, and we have over 30 years of experience in monitoring and documenting system health. We know which performance indicators are the most important and we properly monitor them over the system life cycle.

Subsea Engineering

Stress Engineering Services is a renowned provider of subsea and pipeline/flowline engineering, field architecture development, and project management solutions. Our clients include major and independent oil companies, as well as equipment manufacturers, who are looking for dependable and cost effective answers in all phases of their offshore projects.

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Stress Engineering Services is a leader in standardized and custom full-scale testing in force, load, fatigue, temperature, pressure, torque, noise, and vibration. With more than 140,000 square feet of laboratory space and a large inventory of advanced testing equipment, we can simulate a wide range of operational conditions for a variety of industries, applications and materials.

Our test labs are equipped with load frames capable of forces up to 18 million pounds, pressure chambers up to 30,000 psi, and a variety of fatigue and bending frames. These are just a few of our vast capabilities in testing heavy industry and oilfield equipment including tubing and casing threaded connections, riser connectors, drilling equipment, umbilicals, mooring ropes, anchors chains, riser joints, downhole tools, and more.

Our Singapore laboratory is equipped with advanced testing machinery and measurement tools including a 3.5 million pound test frame used to test casing connections, pipelines, proof test on running tools and lifting subs, as well as, items which need significant tension or compression axial load.  A pipe connection make-up/break-out station that can accommodate 100,000 ft-lbs of torque and up to 13.75 inch diameter samples is available in the lab.

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