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Onyx IES Sdn. Bhd. Level 26, 8 Menara IMC,

Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Contact: Gordon Williams

Onyx IES is proud to represent Quad Operations in Malaysia to bring their industry leading Global Geoscience Operations Consultancy to Malaysia.  

Their expert operationally focused Geologists, Petrophysicists and Pore Pressure Specialists work directly with their clients and their service providers to ensure the highest standards in data acquisition, analysis, delivery and integrity are achieved.

QO is a global leader in operational geoscience consulting founded and remains headquartered in the UK but has grown internationally to include offices in the USA and Malaysia.  

Their corporate resume includes successful project in some of the most technically challenging and diverse environments working for over 70 different operators in 53 different countries around the world.

Quad Operations

QO offers a range of operationally focused services across the entire Geoscience domain.  Whether the project requires pre-drill planning, real time wellsite supervision or end of well analysis, QO provides world class expertise in support of our client’s operational objectives.  The consultants at QO have deep expertise across a broad range of complex geological environments.

With increased pressure for operational efficiencies in drilling operations, it is critical to have experienced and expert personnel as part of your team. Whether it is exploration, appraisal, or development drilling, QO has become a leading provider of geoscience support to optimise data gathering and minimize geological risk leveraging our global talent pool and expertise. QO can provide individual consultants, or teams, of Operations and Wellsite Geologists.

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Operations Geology Consultancy
Operations Petrophysics & Wireline QC
Seismic Acquisition QC Service

QO has built an experienced team of Seismic Acquisition Quality Control experts for both land and marine seismic surveys. Our objective is to work closely with our clients to provide a high level of field expertise and continuity of service. Our personnel have a broad range of international experience working on most continents and in many marine basins.

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The realities of complex wells, expensive rig rates and increased data acquisition demands often require significant investment in wireline logging operations for our clients.  The Operations Petrophysicists at QO are experts in the field of wireline logging, and all come from a background of field operations and field management.  They provide leadership in the planning, executing, quality control, data delivery and post well analysis of wireline logging operations all over the world.  Their objective is to work closely in concert with our client teams and their wireline service providers to safely and efficiently deliver a high quality set of logs at the right price.

Real Time Monitoring to Reduce NPT

Whether at the wellsite or via remote monitoring, Quad Operations applies a multi-disciplinary approach to provide services in:

QO’s pressure analysts form an integral part of the well delivery team that can positively contribute initially from the planning stages, through the drilling phases, and all the way to the post drill development of lessons learned for future projects.

QO pressure analysts work with our client teams to develop a pre-drill pore pressure and fracture gradient model for the well. While drilling, our analysts calculate the pore pressure and fracture gradient, in real-time, using leak off tests, gas data, and other transient pressure tests to calibrate their predictions. Through vigilant monitoring and interpretation of the pore pressure data our analysts are able to help mitigate drilling risks and significantly reduce the response time in the event of any influxes or losses.

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