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The Fearnley Procter Group provides its industry leading specialised services through Fearnley Procter Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland, they offer a valuable service to the Oil and Gas Industry through specialised services based around its Non-productive-time Solutions system (NS).

Fearnley Procter Group provides services that include Equipment Design Reviews, Failure Investigations, Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Training Courses to mitigate expensive Drilling and Well Completion Equipment failures.


Fearnley Procter Group also publishes its own Manufacturing and Inspection Standards - NS-1™ and NS-2™ along with its Drillstring Design manual NS-3™. These are supplemental to API and other Industry standards currently in use for when conditions require them.

Specialist in QA/QC
Reducing Non-Productive Time
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