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Onyx iES is in partnership with Sharp Reflections to bring the industry’s only seismic software platform built on a powerful compute and display engine designed specifically for high-performance computing (HPC) to Malaysia. Prestack is the future of seismic interpretation. Sharper seismic. No compromises.

Sharp Reflections Software combines visualization, processing, and interpretation in one powerful platform. By having it on your desktop, you can QC data, improve data quality, and generate the exact stacks and attributes needed to target promising anomalies and make trustable drilling decisions.


  • Swift input / output, incl. Petrel Connector
  • Interactive QC and visualization
  • Fast processing of interpretation of prestack and gathers
  • Multistep quantitative amplitude interpretation analysis
  • Azimuthal workflows to improve understanding of complex structures
  • Model and interpret production-induced seismic effects 4D tools to improve understanding of dynamic reservoir changes
Sharper Seismic. No compromise
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