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Over the last 23 years Fearnley International Group Ltd. has brought its considerable expertise, experience, and skill in helping operators, drilling contractors and service companies prevent equipment related failures; failures that can damage the performance of any drilling project, cause significant unplanned financial cost and HSE risk.

Fearnley International Group Ltd. can perform QA/QC services to NS-1™, NS-2™ Standards, DS-1®, API and to specific client criteria. Their engineers are skilled and experienced in a comprehensive range of equipment including:

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Fearnley International Group Ltd. has been delivering training courses for over 25 years. QA/QC, Specialised Engineering and Training to reduce Non-Productive Time is their core business. By combining these skills into focused training programs, they have become acknowledged as a global leader in this specialist-training field.

Targeted training drawing on a knowledge of root causes and lessons learned, helps avoid catastrophic well loss and the preventable cost of lost time. Their proprietary failure database includes over 600 occurrences, which we have been investigated. The resulting knowledge and experience gained can help operators, drilling contractors and service companies avoid similar, preventable incidents.

Fearnely International Group Ltd. are dedicated to the dissemination of this knowledge throughout the industry and offer unique training to all disciplines of field, engineering and operations staff, whether experienced or entry level.

Their Instructors have a range of Operator and Service Company experience and are actively involved in the day to day business to better support this aim.

The Fearnley International Groups’s NS Accreditation Programme is an independent evaluation service that is available to all suppliers of products, services and equipment to the Oil & Gas Industry. Trusted by end users and suppliers it provides an unbiased review of the capability and competence of a company to work to the NS-1™ and NS-2™ Standard.

Fearnley International Group’s. experienced Engineering team provides international engineering support to the Oil and Gas Industry and have a long history of providing assistance in all aspects of Well Engineering.

Their aim is to provide clients, a mix of major and independent operators, manufacturers and contractors with cost effective solutions to their operational challenges. Having access to credible independent advice when things go wrong is critical to understanding why something failed and making sure it doesn’t occur again.

Fearnley International Group Ltd. provide worldwide access to experienced engineers who specialise in failure investigations and preventative measures to avoid costly failures in the first place.


Onyx IES is working on behalf of Fearnley International Group Ltd. to bring its industry leading specialised services to Malaysia. Headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland, they offer a valuable service to the Oil and Gas Industry through specialised services based around its Non-Productive Time Solution System.

Fearnley International Group Ltd. provide services ranging from Equipment Design Reviews, Failure Investigations, Quality Assurance Inspection to publishing its own NS-1™ and NS-2™ Standards, that are designed to supplement the API standards when conditions warrant it.

Wherever the industry is drilling for Oil and Gas, you can be sure to find Fearnley International Group Ltd. nearby. Providing local solutions to your NPT problems in a global industry.

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Contact: Callum Phillips

Discover more about Fearnley International’s capabilities follow this: Link

These of course can stand alone as a sign of a company’s commitment or also work in support of the NS Accreditation programme for the provision to end users of product and services to either NS-1™ or NS-2™.

Their assessment team has over fifteen years experience of auditing Quality Management Systems and performing a wide range of specialist investigations and working against exacting standards.

So if you are working in the Oil & Gas industry we are able to perform all the above assessments, in addition to those that are product or service specific, to make sure that you are fully covered to meet client requirements.

To measure quality in all walks of life we need standards and everything in the NS Accreditation & Standards product line begins with the NS-1™ and NS-2™ Standards and have been designed to supplement the API standards when conditions warrant it.

They offer the following types of courses:

The above courses are available one of three ways:

Training throughout the drilling team is vital to this success and our training courses are both for inspectors and well operatives - plus all who employ or contract them - such as procurement teams - quality assurance and quality control teams - supervisors and managers.

Discover more about Fearnley International’s capabilities follow this: Link

Discover more about Fearnley International’s capabilities follow this: Link


An Integrated Approach to Equipment Failure Prevention

The provision of accreditation based on the requirements of the NS Standards is one part of our strategy of support to the Oil & Gas Industry to assist them in reducing the risk of equipment failure during drilling operations.

There are three elements that are integral to this approach:

Each on their own is an important contributor to the objective of equipment failure risk reduction. Together they can create a significant barrier to failures occurring due to inappropriate, unsuitable or poorly maintained equipment being used where it is not ‘fit for purpose’.

When to use NS-1™ & NS-2™

The Oil and Gas industry is working within drilling environments not thought of as possible 10 or 20 years ago. Equipment is being used in more arduous conditions.

Therefore, when being used in these harsher conditions it needs to be made and inspected to a higher standard.  So if you are drilling Offshore; in HP/HT, UBD and other managed pressure wells; undertaking ERD Projects, or drilling in slim or super-slim holes then why risk potential equipment failures and consider adopting the NS-1™ & NS-2™ Standards.

They have been constructed from equipment failure data and are in continuous development to provide solutions to complex challenges.

This is why their new online delivery subscription service is such an advantage to the oil industry. Fully searchable and with direct support services from technical specialists - in our experience - adoption of the standards can bring significant operational savings.

As the requirement for independent certification increases, to give end users greater security in the products and services that they buy, so Fearnley International Group offer the following Quality Management Certification in order to provide increased confidence in any current quality gap between supplier and purchaser:

Discover more about Fearnley International's capabilities follow this: Link

Discover more about Fearnley International's capabilities follow this: Link

Discover more about Fearnley International's capabilities follow this: Link

QAQC is an indispensable tool for the prevention of equipment related Non-Productive-Time and to prevent avoidable and expensive delays to drilling and well operations.