HSE Coordinator

  • Offshore (Rota 28/28)
  • Advice Drilling Supervisors SSHE related legal and Company SSHE requirements.


1 Year



5+ Years


Minimum Education

Bachelor degree or Diploma







  • Focal point for monitoring SSHE continuous improvement plan for SSHE activities on the rig
  • Support SSHE team in the development and implementation of SSHE MS and its processes
  • Support SSHE Coach preparing SSHE progress and performance reports for onshore SSHE review as required, MPM, Partners and Corporate
  • Support SSHE Coach to steward safety record & documentation, update database, monitor and close-out.
  • Support SSHE Coach to to ensure compliance by all parties with Company's HSE requirements, site Case for Safety, relevant Malaysian and industry legislation and statutory requirements
  • Support Night Drilling supervisor to develop a strong and sustainable HSE culture on the rig by use of a variety of hands on coaching techniques to actively influence and incorporate safety into the mindsets of offshore-based personnel when performing their daily activities on the rig.
  • To support Night Drilling Supervisor to coordinate all SSHE activities at rig sites and onshore supply base
  • Support Night Rig Safety Officer / Night Drilling Supervisor in performing the task, monitoring and surveillance
  • To ensure adequate and correct personnel competencies, tools and procedures are available to enable safe execution of work activities (i.e. working at height, confined space entry, lifting, other related risk activities)
  • Implement Contractor SSHE Management System – pre award, post award until demobilization phase.
  • Assist, implement and follow up on Drilling specific SSHE deliverables (ERP, Oil spilll contingency plan, Environmental Risk assessment, contractor audit, spreads’ vetting, HSE plan, etc).
  • Train and induct Drilling team and Contractors with Company HSEMS throughout the drilling campaign
  • Coordinate Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment especially on critical activities (rig move, rig up/down, marine activities, SIMOPS, etc). Track and follow up corrective actions into closure.
  • Closely monitor the execution of drilling-SSHE focused areas especially on DROPS, TPW (Temporary Pipework), lifting management, etc.
  • Facilitate SSHE Audits (or participate in Rig Inspection) and Review.
  • Facilitate Incident Investigation
  • Proactively contribute as team members for incident investigation and assist on development of complete/detail investigation report, as and when required.
  • Support to improve teamwork and willingness to intervene at risk behaviors and/or unsafe conditions with an assertiveness belief.
  • Support to improve teamwork and willingness to intervene at risk behaviors and/or unsafe conditions with an assertiveness belief.
  • Be in a “Line of sight” mode - visible, contactable and approachable.
  • To support SSHE Coach / Night Drilling Supevisor to deliver a structured Behavioural Base Safety (BBS) Tools & program for leadership, behavioral and cultural change effort.
  • Minimum of  5 years work experience in oil and gas industry in PSC environment, in similar role or with particular familiar with the requirements of drilling activities offshore Malaysia
  • Poses at least 3 years of direct or indirect experience in  Drilling / Workover/ P&A (exploration, development & appraisal drilling projects)
  • Familiar with HAZOP, HAZID, QRA, SIL and process safety management elements Familiar with HSE management system generally adapted to offshore drilling campaign
  • The Minimum knowledge about the critical equipment on rig especially in terms of Well Control and the specific practice followed ( BOP, Koomey, Choke Manifold, poor boy)
  • Well aware about the Drilling Equipment Inspection Schedule Guidelines, which is stipulated on the different categories level which should be done and relevant API Standards and familiar with industry standards and specifications (eg. OGP, API, NFPA)
  • Bachelor degree or Diploma in science or engineering from a recognized university
  • Master Degree  in Safety is an advantage but not necessary Professional certificate by accredited Bodies/ Associations is an advantage but not necessary