Drilling Well Engineer



3 + 1 years



10 Years


Minimum Education

Bachelors Degree



Malaysia, KL




  • Detailed technical work such as Torque Drag Hydraulics, Wellcat Thermal Stress modeling, interfaces with Platform and Rig, Offset Well Review, Material Selection, Well trajectory planning, contribution to the Project Execution Plan and Basis for Design (topsides and interfaces);
  • Detailed Drilling and Completion related activities gaps analysis and risks identifications studies;
  • Review of potential gaps and risks identified related to the Drilling and Completion and proposed actions / solutions in closing / bridging the gaps and improve overall drilling and completion performance / efficiency;
  • Conduct technical and execution reviews of a Project from Indentify and Assess (WRB2) phase through a Define phase (WRB4);
  • Identify efficiencies and inefficiencies and results discussion with relevant parties;
  • Development of Level 2 and Level 3 cost estimates and assessment of related financial impact of risks and consequences;
  • Conduct Value Challenge workshops to identify opportunities to rationalize and reduce costs;
  • Follow-up detailed studies as per outcome of Shell and Petronas Decision gates, Wells Review Boards (WRBs) and Management Reviews (MRs);
  • Ensure projects comply with Shell Wells minimum standards and PETRONAS Procedures and Guidelines for Upstream Activities (PPGUA);
  • Delivery includes Concept Identification Report, Concept Select Report and Overall Contracting Strategy for the project
  • Peer review on draft program; and
  • Proposed management of risks
  • Bachelor Degree in the Engineering, Geology, Petroleum or Science discipline;
  • Minimum ten (10) years of Oil and Gas Industry experience in Well Engineering, and minimum Five (5) years of Offshore Wellsite experience;
  • Experience in supporting continuous twenty-four (24) Hours Drilling Operations and knowledge in Logistics Management, HSSE Management, and Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Rigs Operations and knowledge in Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Rigs Operations, in term of policies, standards, procedures, guidelines and others; and
  • Holds Round I and Round II Drilling Certification or equivalent and in possession of valid Well Control Certification from international recognized authority (preferable, but not mandatory)