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Onyx IES Sdn. Bhd. Level 26, 8 Menara IMC,

Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Onyx IES is working on behalf of Aberdeen Drilling Consultants (ADC) to bring their industry leading rig inspection & related online training services to Malaysia.

ADC is the leading provider of rig inspections services and enjoys a global reputation which is second to none.  

What sets ADC apart is their insistence that all reporting must be qualified by definitive engineered data but that their inspection teams are of the highest calibre in terms of professionalism, knowledge and experience.

These key drivers, foundational to all their services enables ADC to make a significant contribution in creating a safer, more productive Oil and Gas industry.



TRAMS3 - establishes a global standard for rig inspection reporting; reporting based on classic audit procedure in accordance with ISO 19011.

TRAMS3 - streamlined to save valuable time and money, with

transparency and traceability at its core.

TRAMS3 - reporting with open-access evaluation, enabling continuous monitoring to check progress of the close-out of identified and agreed non-conformances.

TRAMS3 - a service where every client report for every rig is available to every member of TRAMS3, so that inspection duplication is dramatically reduced saving valuable time and money.

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Core Services
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BOP and well control constitute the high-risk part of any oil and gas extraction process. In response to this ADC have developed a dedicated division, whose sole remit is to focus on this critical area of operation.

Through the deployment of specialist teams with over 30 years of experience, to inspect and identify potential risks, analyse consequences and provide appropriate corrective actions, the potential negative impact on costs, time and safety can be effectively eliminated. ADC is fully conversant in the latest standards governing BOP and Well Control equipment compliance such as API S53, AP16D and IP17

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Whilst recognising the importance that the equipment onsite is ‘fit for purpose’ and performs as expected, we should never forget that the equipment is only as good as it’s operator, and that effective HSE is all about competent engaged people.

The ADC Dropped Objects Inspection service is arguably the most technically advanced in the industry and offers a multi-faceted engineered service which includes: Dropped Object Surveys, Installation Management, Tubular handling assessments as well as Key Staff Training.

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Automation managed by integrated control systems constitutes the single most dominant component on todays rigs. ADC dedicated division ICSIS is here to support the life cycle of your integrated control systems, ensuring maximum efficiency and safety whilst significantly reducing costly downtime.

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ADC prides itself on its extensive engineering knowledge backed by 30 years in the field, and their ability to deliver a 60-strong team of engineering professionals who can provide you with a rig audit and inspection service that will yield significant cost, time and safety benefits.


Whether a rig is new from the yard or simply refurbished, ADC’s independent acceptance testing not only ascertains whether it is ‘fit-for-purpose’ complying with identified standards and pre-set contractual agreements, but gauge the potential likelihood of future downtime resulting from equipment or systems failure.

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TRAMS3 - Rapid Inspection Reporting
ADC Virtual Academy - Online Training

ADC has 4 highly regarded specialist inspection divisions, working as experts in their own field, collectively combine through innovative collaboration, integrated management and reporting systems to supply ALL your inspection needs in ONE single comprehensive inspection service.

ADC has the capability to conduct a complete inspection program covering the full spectrum of rig types, from compound (mechanical) drive land rigs to 7th generation DP3 Drillships.

ADC conducts inspections in adherence to the FARSI performance criteria – considering the equipment functionality, availability, reliability, serviceability & interdependency.

It all adds up to the most intelligent and integrated rig inspection service available anywhere in the world, designed to meet the ever changing demands of today’s Oil & Gas industry.

ADC VIRTUAL ACADEMY is a unique e-learning environment designed to equip a new generation of oilfield professionals with a foundational understanding of the variety of systems and operations found onboard a modern oil rig.

With over 80 units and 19 course modules available, the Academy is accessible anywhere in the world 24/7, enabling students to enjoy not only the freedom to schedule training to suit their lifestyles, but also determine the pace of learning which best suits their ability.

THE MAJOR CONCERN within the rig community is downtime, its length, and how it’s managed. Excessive downtime brings economic concerns, whilst restricted downtime impacts on HSE.

What is abundantly obvious is that all activities undertaken during the downtime window need to be efficient and effective, to achieve maximum results within the smallest time frame. It is because of this fundamental requirement, that all ADC Rig Inspections utilise the unique TRAMS3 rapid reporting system as the vehicle by which all inspections are conducted and completed.

Written by seasoned oilfield professionals and administered by a dedicated development team, one of the Academy's key objectives is to create learning which feels industry authentic, as if the rig’s OIM was alongside imparting his first-hand knowledge and years of experience, in an easy to understand language and style.

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Contact: Craig Duncan
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Aberdeen Drilling Consultants