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The Merlin Hole Condition Monitoring service not only tracks performance; it provides early warning of problems. This unique service helps operators transition from the classrooms learning to executing field proven deviated, high angle and ERD drilling practices.  Merlin advisors will provide Torque, Drag, ECD and swab/surge monitoring services utilizing our TAD software and help monitor tripping and hole cleaning practices.

24-hour cover is advisable, (two Merlin ERD Advisors on the rig) the Onsite ERD Advisors will spend the majority of their working time on the rig floor with the driller, monitoring the well conditions, supervising connection practices, comparing measured surface loads and pressures, ECDs, swab/surge and comparing them to those predicted in the “road maps” which are generated in advance for the drilling, tripping and casing running operations.

Merlin ERD’s success has been delivered by following their methodology of providing engineering support to deliver reliable practices, training to support team buy in to revised practices and onsite support to ensure programmed delivery.

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Merlin ERD provide the following expert engineering services for any high angle, ERD or complex well project:


Where projects are in an advanced stage of planning a Peer Review of the work to date provides assurance that risks are adequately mitigated and allows opportunities to be identified and addressed. To ensure that programmed practices and tools fully mitigate drilling challenges, Merlin ERD recommends that the draft drilling programme is peer reviewed in sufficient time to allow discussion, justification & remedies for any critical items that are identified.


Accurately determine what it will take to reach a prospect from existing infrastructure, assign a dependable drilling radius for field development and/or identify required rig specification. Support with industry analogues and quantify margin for error (risk). Produce outline time and cost estimates and sense check with comparable projects.

Highlight latest tool developments which can extend drilling reach and/or reduce drilling loads.


Build engineering models to predict drilling and casing running loads (torque, drag, hydraulics etc.) during each phase of well operations. Update and validate initial time and costs and reference to industry analogues. Engage with the subsurface team to ensure well objectives take account of drilling constraints and opportunities, especially important for critical projects. Specific outputs from this work include:

Onyx IES is proud to represent Merlin ERD Ltd in Malaysia. As acknowledged industry leaders in Horizontal, Complex and Extended Reach Drilling, Merlin make clients’ lives easier, wells cheaper and assets more profitable.

Merlin’s holistic approach of engineering, training & support continues to deliver their clients’ challenging wells on, or frequently ahead of budget. Merlin remain results focused, passionate about continual improvement and aware that success is dependent upon that of clients.

Their enviable track record was recognised recently when appointed a second Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade, this was in addition to the Offshore Achievement Award for Great Small Company 2015 and HSBC Small Exporter of the Year 2016.  Engineering staff penned key sections of the latest IADC Manual and was commissioned by the UK government to complete a report on Advance Drilling Technology (ADT) opportunities in the North Sea.

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Merlin ERD has found that training key operations personnel in the latest practices is fundamental in delivering an excellence in operations consistent to that programmed. Programme specific risks can be included in any course, as well as other important topics such as DP management and/or stuck pipe response.

Increasingly finding that significantly fewer problems are endured during conventional high angle wells if planning and operations are approached with an ERD perspective. The resultant reduction in NPT and up-skilling of personnel leads to gains, not only in lower drilling costs, but also with increased rig utilization (more wells) in conjunction with accelerated production at higher annual rates.


Merlin ERD’s most popular course is the 3 day ERD operations course, designed to teach critical successes for anyone involved in design or operations on horizontal, ERD or complex wells. The courses are normally taught twice to catch both sides of the rig crew and invaluable for all personnel from Shaker Hand to Driller, DSV, Drilling Engineers and key service company staff.


The 5-day course is targeted towards those individuals and organizations involved with design and planning decisions and cover advanced subjects such as Torque and Drag fundamentals, buckling, casing liners running in extended reach wells, etc. Depending upon the audience, the first 2 to 3 days are focused on the primary ‘operations’ issues to provide an understanding of critical design considerations. The subsequent days of the course get into detailed design and iterative engineering modelling required to deliver advanced/complex wells, which the uninitiated perceive as impossible.

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With a reputation for delivering demanding projects, it is not uncommon for Merlin ERD to be asked to review high angle wells that have experienced difficulties. Although most directional wells do not require the level of detail essential in an ERD well, they have found that by assessing the review well against an ERD methodology, they can identify areas where a revision to practices will yield performance improvements and a reduction in unplanned events. Good news for everyone, especially the Drilling Superintendent!

Having enjoyed enviable success in solving high angle drilling issues to avoid repeat occurrences and associated NPT (non-productive time). Factual drilling data and procedures are reviewed, their effectiveness noted and compared to ERD standards. Results are documented then used support root cause of NPT and recommend objective solutions avoid a recurrence.


Merlin can write or update your detailed manuals for planning and drilling demanding high angle wells. Benefit from the experience gained drilling the world’s latest projects with an independent company that has access to all leading Technical Support Centres. Gain a concise summary of practices critical to the successful implementation of an ERD project. These can be tailored to your local drilling challenges and equipment.

Drilling practices have evolved over several years and incorporate learning not only from the headline ERD projects such as Wytch Farm, Sakhalin and Maersk Qatar, but also the less well known, but no less impressive examples. Appropriate operational practices are essential to ensure that the standards set in design and planning are maintained through programming and implementation, an area often overlooked in ERD projects that fail to deliver their full potential.

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On Site Support
Engineering Case Study


Multi-well development project from six fixed offshore installations with sub-sea satellite tie-back walls. Challenging high angle hole sections in large hole sizes through unstable shales and depleted zones prone to losses. Drilling performance suffering from multiple lost Bottom Hole Assemblies (BHAs) and significant Non-Productive Time (NPT).


Hole cleaning, tripping, casing running, managing wellbore stability and losses, variable drilling practices across assets and high turnover of personnel.


Sustained performance improvement as illustrated below:

NPT reduction and cost savings are conservative estimates as gains were realised outside the trouble interval

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Applied Merlin methodology by working closely with the asset teams to provide: